Pierre - Marie Brisson


“In my paintings the most important element is the human figure or what remains of the figure because it can become something else. “

Pierre - Marie Brisson

Pierre - Marie Brisson (1955)

Pierre-Marie Brisson is one of French most talented contemporary artists. With simplified figures and extensive texturing, Brisson's works have been compared to cave drawings. Their timeless appearances represent a kind of archeological dig for the artist: he cuts, scratches and pierces the multi-layered surfaces of his canvases to reveal his images from within the strata of these materials. Brisson's original and graphic artworks have been the subject of numerous gallery and museum exhibitions throughout Western Europe, North America, and Japan.

"Brisson's art is very chic and new, yet it is also timeworn and antique. Brisson's art is very avant-garde and ingenious, yet it is also visually and spiritually linked to primitive sensibilities", stated Robert Flynn Johnson, the curator of the Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.


Selected Museum Collections:

Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts, San Francisco

Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale

Jewish Museum, New York

George Page Museum, Los Angeles

Bibliothéque Nationale, Paris

Musée de la Poste, Paris

University of San Francisco, San Francisco

Carré Noir, Paris

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow


The artist lives and works in the South of France.